200 Club

About the 200 Club

The Oxford Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers administers a Bell Fund which offers grants to towers for the repair, maintenance and renewal of church bells. The Bell Fund is a registered charity (number 268390) and the Newbury Branch gives a donation each year to the Fund by running the 200 Club prize draw.

Of the £5 per entry (a member can have multiple entries at £5 a time) half is put back into the prizes pot, and the other half (after expenses) goes to the ODG Bell Fund. Membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over, including friends and family of ringers, and people with no connection to ringing.

2018-2019 draws

The draws and prizes for this year are as follows:
Spring/Summer (drawn during April to June) - £50 and £25
Summer/Autumn (drawn during July to September) - £50 and £25
Christmas (drawn during October to December) - £100, £60 and £30
Winter/Spring (drawn during January to March) - £50 and £25


For more information, contact the 200 Club administrator.