Learning to Ring

Why learn to ring

Ringing has much to offer, with many different challenges and rewards. English style ringing (full circle ringing) and in particular change ringing has a place deep within our cultural heritage. So why learn to ring?:

 Meet people across a wide range of ages and backgrounds who have a similar interest

 A life-long learning experience

 Maintain a traditional skill that started in the 17th century

 Visit places not normally open to the public

 Join the ringing community and gain new friends


Bell rope

Almost anyone from ten years old and upwards should be able to learn to ring. There are no membership fees and the only requirement for fitness is being able to climb any steps to the ringing chamber.

Initially a learner will be given a few 1-on-1 sessions with a tutor to gain a basic understanding of bell control, after which they should be able to start joining in with the group during practice evenings. Further practice allows bell control to be refined to the point where the speed of ringing can be changed and the bell stopped and started at will.

The next stage of the learning process is to master call changes where two bells swap positions in the sequence of ringing. An ability to ring good call changes is all that is needed to take part in ringing for Sunday services and weddings.

Method ringing is the most complex style of ringing and is rewarding once mastered.

How to start

If you would like to learn to ring please send a message to your nearest tower, or contact us for help with finding a suitable tower.