Our Towers

Individual visiting ringers are welcome to come along to a scheduled practice. It is advisable to contact a tower in advance to check that their practice is proceeding as planned, particularly during holiday periods. Practices generally do not take place on Bank Holidays. Groups of visiting ringers should contact the tower to make arrangements for access.

See the map for the locations of all the towers.

Tower Details Ringing Church Photo
Aldermaston St Mary's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 10cwt-2qr-14lb (540kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 4HX
Grid Reference: SU 59655 64977
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 8:00pm
Service: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays 10:15am

St Mary's Church, Aldermaston

Aldworth St Mary the Virgin's Church
3 bells
Tenor: 9cwt-1qr-22lb (480kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG8 9SB
Grid Reference: SU 55402 79380
All ringing by arrangement

St Nicholas' Church
6 bells
Tenor: 6¼cwt (320kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 8SW
Grid Reference: SU 48236 78127
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
All ringing by arrangement

St Nicholas' Church, Beedon

Beenham St Mary's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 9cwt-2qr-23lb (493kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 5NN
Grid Reference: SU 59082 68479
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Tuesdays 7:45pm (contact tower in advance)
Service: Sundays 8:45am

St Mary's Church, Beenham Valance

Boxford St Andrew's Church
5 bells

Tenor: 8½cwt (430kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 8DP
Grid Reference: SU 42871 71629

Unringable - chiming hammers fitted

St Andrew's Church, Boxford

Brightwalton All Saints's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 8cwt-1qr-21lb (429kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 7BN
Grid Reference: SU 42700 79300
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Tuesdays 7:30pm
Service: 4th Sundays 9:30am

All Saints's Church, Brightwalton

Brimpton St Peter's Church
4 bells
Tenor: 7cwt-2qr-3lb (382kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 4TJ
Grid Reference: SU 55733 64702

St Peter's Church, Brimpton

Bucklebury St Mary's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 12cwt-3qr-22lb (658kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 6PR
Grid Reference: SU 55304 70864
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 7:45pm
Service: Sundays 9:00am

St Mary's Church, Bucklebury

Chaddleworth St Andrew's Church
4 bells
Tenor: 6cwt (300kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 7EB
Grid Reference: SU 41151 77924
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Service: 3rd Sundays 9:30am

St Andrew's Church, Chaddleworth

St Mary the Virgin's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 11cwt-0qr-3lb (560kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 8UT
Grid Reference: SU 47446 74097
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice Wednesdays 8:00pm, learners 7:30pm onwards
Service: Sundays. See  Chieveley Calendar.

St Mary the Virgin's Church, Chieveley

Combe St. Swithun's Church
3 bells
Tenor: 8cwt-0qr-0lb (406kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 9EJ
Grid Reference: SU 36799 60734
No ringing - bells set for chiming only

Compton Parva St Mary's & St Nicholas' Church
6 bells
Tenor: 9cwt-0qr-27lb (469kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 6RD
Grid Reference: SU 52621 79664
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 7:30pm
Service: 1st Sundays 10:30am, other Sundays 9:00am

St Mary's & St Nicholas' Church, Compton Parva

East Garston
All Saints's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 17cwt (860kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 7HH
Grid Reference: SU 36125 77068
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: by arrangement
Service: 2nd & 4th Sundays 8:30am

All Saints's Church, East Garston

East Ilsley St Mary's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 8cwt-1qr-13lb (425kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 7LP
Grid Reference: SU 49330 80919
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Mondays 7:30pm
Service: 1st Sundays 9:00am

St Mary's Church, East Ilsley

Farnborough All Saints' Church
5 bells
Tenor: 8cwt (410kg)
Nearest Postcode: OX12 8PH
Grid Reference: SU 43519 81935
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
All ringing by arrangement

All Saints' Church, Farnborough

Great Shefford
St Mary's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 7cwt-0qr-7lb (359kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 7DZ
Grid Reference: SU 38020 75374
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Wednesdays 7:30pm
Service: 1st Sundays 9:30am, 2nd Sundays 9:00am, 3rd Sundays 9:30am

St Mary's Church, Great Shefford

Hampstead Norreys
St Mary's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 10cwt (510kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG18 0TD
Grid Reference: SU 52942 76259
Find the tower   Dove's Guide

St Mary's Church, Hampstead Norreys

St Lawrence's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 12cwt-1qr-8lb (626kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 0JB
Grid Reference: SU 33421 68707
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Wednesdays 7:30pm
Service: Sundays 9:30am

St Lawrence's Church, Hungerford

Kintbury St Mary the Virgin's Church
8 bells
Tenor: 12cwt-1qr-14lb (629kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 9TR
Grid Reference: SU 38324 67002
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 7:45pm
Service: Sundays 9:15am

St Mary the Virgin's Church, Kintbury

Lambourn St Michael and All Angels' Church
8 bells
Tenor: 20cwt-2qr-0lb (1041kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG17 8AA
Grid Reference: SU 32616 78961
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 7:30pm alternating with Speen (contact tower in advance)
Service: 3rd Sundays 10:30am, other Sundays 10:00am

St Michael and All Angels' Church, Lambourn

Midgham St Matthew's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 5cwt-0qr-9lb (258kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 5UW
Grid Reference: SU 55602 67175
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: by arrangement
Service: Sundays 8:45am

St Matthew's Church, Midgham

St Nicolas' Church
10 bells
Tenor: 21cwt-2qr-1lb (1093kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG14 5HP
Grid Reference: SU 47053 67100
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Mondays 7:30pm
Service: Sundays 9:30am

St Nicolas' Church, Newbury

Peasemore St Barnabas' Church
6 bells
Tenor: 8cwt-0qr-11lb (411kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 7JG
Grid Reference: SU 45805 77078
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: by arrangement
Service: Sundays 5:30pm (1st), 9:15am (2nd & 3rd), 10:30am (4th)

St Barnabas' Church, Peasemore

Shaw St Mary's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 7cwt-0qr-12lb (361kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG14 2AA
Grid Reference: SU 47490 68304
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
All ringing by arrangement

St Mary's Church, Shaw-cum-Donnington

Speen St Mary's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 12cwt-2qr-12lb (640kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG14 1SA
Grid Reference: SU 45527 67820
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Thursdays 7:30pm alternating with Lambourn (contact tower in advance)
Service: Sundays 10:00am

St Mary's Church, Speen

Stanford Dingley St Denys' Church
4 bells
Tenor: 6cwt-0qr-15lb (312kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG7 6LS
Grid Reference: SU 57551 71702
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
All ringing by arrangement

St Denys' Church, Stanford Dingley

Thatcham St Mary's Church
10 bells
Tenor: 13cwt-0qr-23lb (671kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG19 3PN
Grid Reference: SU 51638 67228
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Tuesdays 7:30pm
Service: Sundays 9:15am

St Mary's Church, Thatcham

Welford St Gregory's Church
5 bells
Tenor: 8cwt (410kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG20 8HU
Grid Reference: SU 40875 73165

St Gregory's Church, Welford

Yattendon St Peter's & St Paul's Church
6 bells
Tenor: 6cwt-3qr-14lb (349kg)
Nearest Postcode: RG18 0UE
Grid Reference: SU 55417 74544
Find the tower   Dove's Guide
Practice: Tuesdays 7:15pm alternating with Hampstead Norreys (contact tower in advance)

St Peter's & St Paul's Church, Yattendon

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To find towers in the Newbury area that are not members of our branch, use the Dove's Guide postcode search (the postcode district of Newbury tower is RG14), or go to the Oxford Diocesan Guide's branch guide.